Thursday, January 14, 2016

What's In The Pot

Sitting here after a breakfast that was not so good for me, that included some sausage that was way too fatty.... but my husband prepared it without asking if I wanted any, so.... in a way I felt obliged to eat it.
Not a good thing for my weight loss or the old arteries.
So, here are a couple of things that we have eaten lately that are a wee bit better for us.
 A few days ago I had this for breakfast.... sort of my version of an egg omelet that included cannelloni beans instead of meat, a few onions, and some avocado slices. 
Once the omelet was folded and on my plate I added just a small amount of salsa.
It was delicious!
FYI:  If you are trying to keep your salt intake down, rinse the beans before using since all canned items contain a lot of salt.  AND, I find the juice they are packed in to be GROSS!
 Cabbage has been on the menu a few times as well.
We cut it into one to two inch sized squares and then sauté a bit in olive oil, sprinkle with some celery seeds and a bit of pepper.
Unsalted butter, just a tad, can also be used, but go sparingly with it.
Now, top it with some cubed grilled chicken breast left over from the previous night's dinner and you have created a super delicious and healthy meal.
We will be having this again!

And THAT my friends is what's been in our cooking pot.


  1. The eggs look delicious!

  2. Kind of fun to "create" some "good for you" foods isn't it.
    Cabbage sounds good that way!