Monday, November 9, 2015

Mountain Girl With Poncho

 We had weather yesterday that was in the 50's, but not rainy as today is, so it was a perfect time to don my blanket poncho and head outdoors for a bit of fashion photography.
 I had seen this blanket poncho two days prior at Marshalls and did one of those hem and haws as to whether I should buy it.  It's a Steve Madden brand which I believe is sold at Macy's, and I knew I would have paid quite a bit more for it at Macys, but still I chose to walk out the door of Marshalls and not but it.
 But, you know how sometimes you just can't get an item out of your brain, and it starts to take over your thoughts so you go back to buy it?
 I returned to Marshalls two days later, knowing full well that it would probably be gone and in the home of someone else.... a lady probably cackling over how lucky she was that some other shopper had made the mistake of not buying it, and now it was HERS!
 I searched every rack in the store TWICE and started to kick myself in the bum for not just buying it the first time....
 After giving up entirely on it, I decided to look at some scarves in their accessory department,
which lo and behold had a round rack of PONCHOS!!!  And there it was.
The poncho of my dreams.
 Let's out a big whoop whoop in the store!
And this lovely and soft gray snood was there also.

 Can you say HAPPY GIRL?

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  1. I am happy for you! I also found an adorable and perfect lightweight coat at T.J. Maxx this weekend-so I guess we now have 2 happy girls!
    You look great in your poncho, hat and scarf!

  2. So glad you found it! That's a fabulous poncho and you look terrific. xo


  3. I saw that same rack of ponchos in the accessory department, too. Weird that they weren't with sweaters or outerwear. I bought a square pullover poncho for myself. It was too warm to wear it last week, and I have been out of town for the past few days. I hope it's chilly enough when I get home.

  4. SMASING great . . . I love it . . .

  5. OMG I just bought two of those. I will try and remember to take pictures so you can see! Looks adorable on you...I must always could wear clothes...and you make THEM look great!!

  6. I'm so glad you went back and bought this, because it's perfect on you. I love the colors. I've been searching for the perfect poncho - hmm....maybe I should try Marshall's!

  7. Ha! You sound just like me. I try to talk myself out of something and feel proud for leaving it on the rack only to make my way back there a couple of days later and buy it. I've decided the only way to avoid temptation is to never go shopping again. Or look at blogs, or turn on the computer. Easy peezy!

    This does look fab on you. But you already knew that : )