Wednesday, January 11, 2017


My husband had given me a gift certificate to Macys as part of my Christmas gift, and with the weather being so CCCCOLD as of late, I decided to purchase a long coat.  Each time I stepped outdoors my bum would get chilled, so length was a big issue for me in making this purchase.
It was the only coat of significant length they had left in the store, and I like the fact that it has a sewn in vest to help keep my core snuggly and warm.  

Now is the time to make a coat purchase since prices are much lower, but keep in mind you may have to be open as to the style and color you want since things are getting a bit 'picked over'.

My coat choice is by Cole Haan, but there are other nice brands as well in all of the stores and across the internet.

Hope you find the perfect coat for you!

We have ice on our road today so I'll be staying home.... drive safely!!

 Tuesday the roads were clear of snow and ice, except for our tiny, private road which had a few patchy spots, but the main roads were clear sailing.
 *note the permanent sewed in vest that zips*
 Off to the mall I sailed and to Macy's I did go to spend my gift certificate.
 *leather hat by Minnetonka available online or in a nearby leather shop *Leatherhaus in our mall**
 *This coat has a  huge hood that pulls tightly around the face when needed and is not removable*
Some people prefer a hood that removes, but then I, for one, forget to put it back on when I need it and have to dig through the coat closet to find's simply better for me to have a hood that is there 100% of the time.
 This coat is down filled.... no polyester in this baby!
 The suede boots are from White Mountain.... and are last year's purchase which are still available and on sale. SO nice that I sent a pair to my daughter this year!  AND, they are great for wearing around the house on cold winter floors too.
They also come in black.
IF you still need a pair of boots, now is the time.

The plain black stretchy ponte pants are from Macy's and pretty much available year round.  I LIVE in these pants and have three pair of them.  They are on sale often as well.  
*gloves from Target, Fossil Purse @ Macys*
Love a good pair of driving gloves!

So, start your engines and go grab some clearance priced winter items before the are go go go gone until next winter.
Good luck!!


  1. That's a very nice coat! Did David find one to keep him warmer while doing his outdoor chores?

  2. Yes, these cold spells have sent us all to gloves, coats, and scarves!!