Monday, September 19, 2016

You'll Have To Come Back Next Year, Loser

Let me just say this.....
 The sunflower festival which started and ENDED on Saturday is OVER.
This is private property, and for those who have now taken it upon themselves to drive up onto the property and continue taking photos ON THE PROPERTY on Sunday, the day AFTER the festival,
you should probably note that the land owners have posted no trespassing signs and WILL enforce it by having people arrested who no longer belong there.
 You are welcome to stop out on the road and take photos, but let me remind you that it can, at times, be a busy road and you may not want to take your life into your own hands along the roadway.

 WE don't have gorgeous sunflowers blooming on our property, but in the past have had people, lookie loos, who cannot see our home from the roadway since it is hidden by the forest at the front of our property... so they drive up the lane to see what is up here.
We, as well as the other two homeowners on our lane posted No Trespassing signs a year or so ago, and it has kept people out, except for one over-zealous Social Security Part D insurance salesman.
We too would choose to have trespassers arrested, so.... adhere to the signs that the owner of the sunflower fields has posted.
I mean....
You think you can just drive up onto their property for a photo op uninvited?
Well.... hope you have someone to bring you cookies when you are in jail.

The festival is over, People.


  1. We have people ride horses through our pasture field, or take their ATVS through them, or just walk through the hay fields as if it were their own. They will even trespass in the woods - we've caught pictures of them on game cameras. People have no regard for others' property.

  2. I used to have people traipse through my property in a previous home, to bring their relatives to see my gardens. It was so irritating, I felt as if I didn't have a moments peace at times!

  3. Some people have no scruples . . .
    Seriously . . .

  4. And some people are just rude, to add to their lack of scruples...privacy, people, privacy!