Thursday, June 2, 2016

Full Swing In Bear Country

Summer weather is in full swing here in the southwestern area of Virginia.
Hazy, yet blue skies hang above the mountains filled with 98% humidity with afternoons bringing thunderstorms that crop up here and there making us all run indoors in front of our floor fans.... especially the fur covered pups.  They can't be left outdoors for too long or they overheat and pant for what seems to be forever.

I have started to take short walks with my husband during the early hours of the day, taking the pups along.  Our uphill driveway continues to be a source of discomfort for my knees so I park my SUV at the bottom of our driveway so that I can haul myself back home up the drive on our return.  So far this works for me.  

Summertime also means that the bears come out along with their cubs.... MANY bears throughout this area of the country, so my husband made the decision to purchase us each a container of bear spray just in case it should become necessary to defend ourselves. It is a strong spray of capsacin which will not harm the bear, but rather burn it's eyes and throat as it would with a human.....  the shot of spray is good for 30 feet.  If out and about in bear country I recommend this method of safe guarding yourself and there are a number of brands on the market.

Welcome to summer in my world.


  1. Wow that's hot with the humidity at that level. When my hubby worked out west he had to carry bear spray, it was funny it looked like a huge can of mace.

  2. Instant summer in our world too . . .
    Record breaking May 31 at 88 degrees and humid . . .
    Not something I feel like celebrating . . .
    No bears though . . .
    And then yesterday a WOW . . .
    Bluer than blue sky, no humidity day . . . Gosh oh gollyI love that kind of day!

  3. When we hike we clip a 'bear bell' onto our clothing or packs. It warns the bear of your arrival so they don't get frightened by your sudden appearance. They don't want to see you any more than you want to see them! In the house, I keep packs of firecrackers I can light and toss towards the bear to scare them away. I have looked at the bear spray's similar to pepper spray or mace, I guess. Hope you never have to use it!

  4. Anything to protect yourself from a bear sounds like a dandy idea. Consider it insurance and hope you never have to use it. xoxo

  5. Better to be prepared!!! Hope you never have to use it but better safe than sorry. Summer sure is here--- its awful hot and muggy here!