Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pantry Issues

From all that I read, pantries are the new critical piece of a kitchen when it comes to remodeling, since it's a huge 'want' and sometimes a 'must' for people shopping for homes.
Our pantry is a pretty good size, holds a lot, and is for the most part quite functional.
 But the one thing that truly bugs me about our pantry is to be quite honest...
the look of it.
 We've had other homes, homes that were built in the late 90's, and earlier part of this century,
and the standard was for the builder to simply add a closet in all new kitchens, with shelves in them
and call it a pantry.
I suppose we could just put a prettier and unique looking door on it.
 Our home was built in 2006, and as you can see.... it has one of those ubiquitous, white door pantries.
 Many would die to have any pantry at all in their kitchen, so just tell me to shut up.
 This view is from near the front door of our home.... it's one of the first things that smacks you dead in the eye when you walk in, and to be honest.... since there is no other place to put a pantry in this kitchen, my thought is to perhaps spiff it up and make it look like a piece of furniture.
The 'just putting a prettier door on it' doesn't work for me since the eye sore of the side wall when you enter the house would still be there.

I found the above pantry design on Houzz and I think it's a place to start as far as a 'furniture' look.
Nothing white like that closet door that now exists, and I would not want cabinet doors in the color of our current kitchen cabinets, but a painted look that would work nicely with our current color scheme.

Now, since my husband thought this was a great design as well, the next step would be to find a custom cabinet builder and get a quote.

How's your pantry situation in your home?
Would you ever consider making a similar change?

More Pantry Ideas Below
 I LOVE the above! but my kitchen is not large enough for such a pantry/workspace area.
Great to be able to have all small appliances in one place though.
This one is more kitschy looking.... but it's unique and almost a conversation piece.
But oh how I adore the red door look of an old English phone booth.  (giggles)

Looking for home design ideas?  Check out the Houzz website!


  1. It would be less noticeable if you just painted the door the same color as the wall. :-)

    I don't have a pantry, we forgot about that when we built. I sure would like to have one.

  2. It might be the least expensive to paint the door the same as the wall.
    It will be interesting to hear what the builder has to say and hear the quote!
    I liked the "place to start" Houzz picture/idea . . .
    We have a pantry . . . SMALL . . . says it all!

  3. Love the look of the furniture style doors in the first picture. Our pantry is the former closet of the bedroom which was incorporated into the the kitchen/dining area. The walls were removed which really opened up the area in our mid-50's ranch. Hubs put up French doors and shelving.

  4. I'm just so happy to have a pantry in this house after never having one for 23 years. :) Ours is huge as it is the space under the stairs. It's right next to the fridge so it's really convenient. Thank you Mr. Builder.

    The others had some fun ideas for your pantry but I'll be following to see what you decide.

  5. I get along just fine without a pantry but then, I rarely cook..That white door is not that bad..You could take the door off..Make the bottom half like a bar with storage underneath..shelves with doors..Leave the top open with shelves..

  6. Love all these inspiration photos for your pantry! That first one is my fave. Can't wait to see what you end up doing. :)