Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pink Purse And Parmesan

 By now anyone who follows any of the fashion blogs knows that each year a color is selected by Pantone and it is dictated to the world that they MUST wear this color.
I don't generally go along with that rule by the way.
Big surprise, right?  LOL
Last year the color was Marsala.... and it did not hit the mark with me either.
You don't always get it right, Pantone.... in fact sometimes your color selection of the year simply does not work for me.
 This year Pantone has dictated that the colors we should be wearing on our bodies as well as using in our homes (pink walls? YUK!) should be one or both of the colors Rose Quartz and Serenity.
In other words... baby pink and baby blue.

My husband would walk out of the house, never to return, should I dip a paintbrush into either of these colors and paint our walls.  ANDto be honest, I wouldn't blame him.
Unless you are painting a baby nursery, puhleaze do not attempt to use either of these colors on your walls.  It's just not right.
 Now, I am not one to let a color company... (is that who Pantone is?) dictate fashion colors to me, because my rule of thumb is to wear what I feel looks somewhat good on me and also what makes me feel good when I see my reflection peeking back at me from a mirror, and pale pink or pale blue tends to wash my already pale skin out like a faded old, washed one too many times sock, BUT as an accessory that hangs from my arm and is away from my pale face I can get away with the pink.
 I stumbled across a great deal on this leather purse by Vittoria Napoli at Marshalls this past week in a buttery feeling soft leather, and I wasn't even shopping for a purse at the time... it just kind of happened and surprised me, 
at a price that could not be ignored that just happened to be in the color pink.  It is everything I love in a handbag and is similar to a leather purse I used while living in Arizona in 2006 up until probably 2010 or 2011, when it finally gave out on me because the handles were simply too shoddy looking for me to carry the purse around anymore, I had to let it go.
This is the first purse that has even come close to that handbag.
It was a soft white.... and this is a soft pink.
 I'm finding so many brands of high price leather handbags these days to have an inferior feel to the leather, being so stiff feeling that I doubt they will ever soften to the touch and with over the top prices around the $300 mark. For that price I demand quality.
And so it is, that this soft pink colored handbag (price under $150) came home with me.
Had it been in the baby blue color though... it would still be hanging from the purse rack at Marshalls.
Now...... about that chicken parmesan....
I'll see if I can find the recipe my husband used and share it with you soon.


  1. Did you take into account the wood in the parmesan ... one way to get your fiber!
    Nice purse, by the way. Not my style but it is very pretty.

  2. Nice Pink . . .
    I have had a moratorium on my "purse mania" for over a year now . . .
    I get tempted once in awhile . . . but hold back . .
    Shoulder and arm problems encouraged me into a "Clutch Look" . . .
    "Leatherology" helped me work that problem out just fine . . .
    I think you'll look MIGHTY FINE with it draped on your arm . .
    Might be nice with a new Easter Bonnet too . . .

  3. Lovely spring purse!! And please share that chicken parm recipe - that's one of my favorite meals!

  4. Love the new bag, it's the perfect spring color but I'm with you I don't let trend dictate what I wear or how I decorate. I often have a hard time decorating because everything on the market fits in with what's trending. I just purchased a watermelon color hand bag and am loving it, I get compliments everywhere I go. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Love the purse! Looks nice and roomy and I agree, those of us with lighter coloring and features, need a little more oomph to keep from disappearing altogether. Trying to catch up on commenting...still having some vision problems. xoxo Yes, the chicken parma recipe would be welcomed.

  6. Nobody has dictated fashion to me for a very long time..I have to like it and it has to look good..Home, fashion whatever...Supper looks yummy..