Friday, March 11, 2016

Outdoor Private Space

 Each spring my husband readies the outdoor areas of our property
so that we can get out and enjoy using them and relaxing in the great outdoors before summertime humidity and bugs drive us indoors once again.
 One of the most enjoyable outdoor spaces we created is the area beneath our deck, hopefully to be completely hidden from neighbors as they pass by our driveway on their way to and from their daily activities.  We planted two Sky Pencil Hollies  that will hinder their view as they grow skyward in the next few years.
 After so many years of being tied to a corporate office cubicle setting and being constantly approached by managers and employees, privacy, peace and quiet are a MUST to him.
So this space is just a part of his private piece of heaven here in the country, the space he often slips off to without even me knowing that he has left the house.
I do sometimes join him there... he on his hammock and me in my Swingason chair.
We don't say much.... just relax, feel the breezes, and listen to the quiet sounds of the wind chimes as well as the pups as they tussle with one another on the lawn.
Things look a wee bit scraggly in this space right now, but as springtime progresses there will be the bright pink and red blooms of the azalea bushes and the humming of busy honey bees.
I've seen two butterflies already this spring..... or bright colored moths, whichever they may be.

 The green Adirondack chairs found their place on the upper deck
near the grill where burgers, hot dogs, chops and steaks abound as the weather warms up.
 Somewhat supervised that job, but will most likely not be doing much supervising once the power washer comes out of hiding to wash the green from the flagstone patio.
Noisy machines always run him off.
 As my husband worked at bringing out all of the heavy chairs, 
I dug around in the mulched areas and spied lots of day lilies pushing up from the soil.
 Seventy degree days are bringing all of the world back to life, and watching it happen puts a huge smile on this girl's face.
 It's all just so magical.
So, what's going on in your world?


  1. Our place is lush with grasses and weeds that need mowing for the second time. With the rainy weekends, it's hard to get that done before it adds another week's growth. The dogs are almost getting lost out there!

  2. Ok now you have me thinking....we have a space under our back deck like you have and it would be perfect for a hammock. I love your little space :) My wheels are turning!

  3. That is a great hideaway...just perfect...xo