Thursday, March 10, 2016

He Just Keeps Going

 Just a short three years ago when we purchased our home there was a nice grove of cedars at the west property line.
A wonderful bird habitat and it also provided privacy from that direction.
 We are losing trees at an alarming rate.
A few due to trying to keep a grumpy neighbor happy and keep the peace in the neighborhood, and now quite a few to Mother Nature.

 Cedar trees, unfortunately, have shallow root systems, and some heavy winds this winter (unusual for our area) have now taken down another five or six of the cedars.
This made for extra spring yard clean-up work for my husband over the past few days....
sawing, chopping, lifting, loading, dragging.... whatever it took to get the job done and the unsightly downed trees gathered up and placed into a deep gully in our woods.
 That area of the yard is now much tidier, and we can only hope that we don't lose anymore trees this year.
It's been a hard winter.

Here he is after emptying a load of downed brush into the gully.
Not easy work for a 65 year old dude, but like one of those old battery commercials...
he just keeps going and going.
 How's your spring going?


  1. It's so rainy here. We keep losing trees due to workers on our farm. We've lost a few to ice and a few to a bunch of kids who can't leave them alone and a few to the extreme Summer temps.

    We have cedars everywhere. If you lived closer I'd tell you to come get some.

    I'm going to pull up three smaller ones and try to move them up front.

  2. I had a few trees snap in half recently in a storm...and I lost a bunch of evergreens last spring when I first moved in which upset me so much - they were my privacy screen from the neighbors and the phone company came in and chopped them back because they had grown too close to the phone line - grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  3. It's a shame you lost your privacy screen and the bird sanctuary. The older you get, the harder it is to do some chores. I find it just takes longer to do things. Your hubby is putting his JD to good use...xoxo

  4. Spring is upon us pretty early this year..Too warm, too fast..but I guess we have to take what we get..Have a wonderful weekend..