Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Been A While

I'm not sure I have ever gone this long without a blog post, and there's no good excuse for it except that I really had no desire to post.
Maybe it's a sign of a change in the season.
(shrugs shoulders)
Here are a few photos fro the past week.

 Our boxers seem to have morphed into one very long eight legged pup.
We had a heavy rain last week as you can see in this photo I snapped just after coming out of the mall  of the clouds hanging low over the mountains.
 Last night my husband grilled some super thick, yummy chops on the grill and requested some of my tri-colored pasta salad topped with artisan tomatoes.  
I obliged and made him a HUGE bowl of it of which we will be eating a bit more of this evening.
 Springtime and warmer temperatures as we had the past couple of days always lends itself to more grilling and more salads.
 Not a fabulous shot, but again... rainy photo from last week as I drove home.
 I pulled into our lane,
 and then stopped to see what was in our mailbox.
See.... not a whole lot going on here in my world,
just sitting around waiting for springtime
to send us some buds and blooms.


  1. It all looks so pretty. I love your green hair.

  2. tks for sharing bits of your daily life ,no matter the quality of your photos ,it s nice to see your surroundings and your lovely dogs,have a nice day

  3. Sometimes you have to step away from the blog. I do from time to time.

    Your dinner looks delicious!

  4. your dinner looks wonderful..Those tomatoes look yummy..nice and red...Every now and then..I don't feel like posting..nothing to say..no pictures to take..Happening a lot right now...Need some flowers!!