Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Glands Will Keep Me Young

Sixty two years old today.... who would'a thunk it back in the 70's.  Certainly not I.

And so, my husband is baking me a birthday cake... a bundt cake with pudding, and he kept asking what kind I wanted and what color and oh... what kind of icing.
He used what we had in the pantry, although I do need to run out and get something for making some kind of icing with.
it should be a peachy color on the inside of the cake, and with the pecans and coconut inside also, well.... I think it will make me a happy girl.

We will be attending a Super Bowl party later in the day, and amongst all of the dear friends that anyone could only hope to have around them on their birthday.
Super Bowl
Super People.

Now.... about that zit I woke up with on my upper lip.
Guess my sebaceous glands still think they are sixteen!

*will show you a slice of my cake later*


  1. Happy Birthday. You look beautiful.

  2. Happy happy happy birthday! ! Enjoy that cake! Can't believe you've reached your sixties!? You look young and't the 70s something? Lol

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    I can't wait to see the cake.
    Enjoy, Monica

  4. Happy Birthday and enjoy your cake and the football game. You look fantastic, zit and all :)

  5. Happy Birthday . . .
    I had your card laid out . . .
    And then was away for a few days and it didn't get mailed . . .
    Sorry about that . . .
    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful birth day . . .