Monday, February 8, 2016

About Sunday

 So when my husband asked me what kind of birthday cake I wanted I told him that a bundt cake would be nice, and something with perhaps some nuts or coconut, or... whatever, because I am not overly picky when it comes to cake.  I pretty much love it all.
 So he grabbed a moist white cake mix from the pantry and added a box of vanilla instant pudding, followed the instructions on the box and then added a handful of chopped pecans and a handful of coconut and mixed it all up along with a dab of red food coloring which turned it all a nice peachy color.
 It turned out of the bundt pan perfectly without a hitch... look how beautiful!
 We took half of it along to the Super Bowl party we attended and it seemed to be loved.
This morning I had a slice of the remaining half and I am sure I will continue to polish it off as the week progresses.
 It really was a pretty cake. My husband does not do buttercream frosting well, so I toddled off to town and purchased the powdered sugar that was needed and mixed up the frosting and did that myself..... 
 Cake, Cards, Flowers.... it was all good and made my Social Security birthday one worth celebrating.
 I would share a slice with you if I could.
No.... Seriously.... I would!
And so, the Super Bowl is over for another year and my team, the Broncos, won!
If you are a Panthers fan and feeling out of sorts today, somewhat let down and sad.
please come to my house and have a slice of cake.
What better way to spend a Monday morning!

Oh!  And how about that Lady Gaga!  She was awesome.
Sorry, Beyonce.... you and your big butt shaking girls just aren't ma thang.


  1. Happy Birthday Diane...Wasn't Lady Gaga great? I'm with you on the Beyonce thing..Your cake looks yummie. Your husband makes wonderful looking cakes..ENjoy your day..

  2. Happy birthday -your cake looks delicious!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, my friend and Happy belated Birthday to your husband!

    Beyonce (or Bounce as I call her) was awful. The Gaga was excellent.... I so agree :)

    Enjoy the rest of your cake!


    Hubby is creative in the baking department!
    Sounding and looking yummy . . .
    I thought Lady Gaga sang it like it should be sung!
    WOW . . .

  5. Happy belated birthday, blog friend of mine!!!! What a sweet man making you a cake - I have to say in all my life I have never had a man make me a cake! There must be something very wrong there, don't you think? Glad it was a good one for you! xoxo

  6. Happy, Happy Belated Birthday! I have been MIA because of vision problems. The cake looks delish! Who knew the Gaga coud actually sing?! Susan at is wearing a dandy hat that would look beautiful on you.