Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Turks And Caicos

I never considered myself to have S.A.D.D. disorder,
(Seasonal Affective Disorder), but this past month has been tough for me with all of the rain, clouds, fog..... and there are days when I really just want to scream, "NO MORE", pull my hair out, bang my head against the wall.  I'm a pretty positive person, but THIS is really bringing me down.
I need some sunshine.
 Tuesday we did finally have an afternoon of sunshine, so we sat on the front porch in short sleeves, my husband in shorts, and we simply basked in it until it nearly became too warm.
It's not the heat I crave, but the light.
I told my husband I need a sunlight lamp in my office, but instead he pulled a cool white light bulb from the cabinet in the utility room, one that has 800 lumens of 'natural daylight' and it seems to help a little with my mood.
This is the first winter I have had this happen to me, but it's also the first winter we have had such a long period of gray skies.  
 Shrimp cocktails brightened up the place on Christmas.
 In fact, I think I'll get a few more shrimp for New Year's Eve too!
Such a sunny and bright addition to any celebration meal.
 Every little bit helps when gray skies are bringing me down,
 and if I don't perk up soon, my husband is threatening to move us to Florida...
you know....
The Sunshine State.
 I've never cared much for the idea of living in Florida,
with all of it's snakes and alligators, bugs, constant high humidity and
sink holes under houses and in parking lots for heaven sakes,
so hopefully the sun will show it's face soon, not just for an hour or two as it did on Tuesday,
but for a few days in a row.
Now, if he threatened to move us to Turks and Caicos....
and let me eat shrimp all day every day?
Oh yes.
I could go for that!


  1. Let's go girl. I'm in Minnesota and we were just talking how the sun hasn't been out for weeks and weeks. I really can't remember the last time! It's dark until 7:30 am and gets dark again around 4:30 pm. Makes us tough! Or crazy. So yes woman, I'll go with you. The sunshine sounds lovely and just in the nick of time. xxoo

  2. I think a month of gray skies would make me a little moody. I love the idea of the Caribbean with the wonderful breezes, blue skies, beautiful sandy beaches. My idea of paradise. Florida? No way. xo

  3. We used we used to live in Hawaii. It's 85 in summer and 75 in summer. Flip flops are almost formal wear. I liked it!

  4. Oooh shrimp! Add some some sunshine and a sandy beach and we're in bid'ness! Your hubs is good to look out for you and scare up a light bulb to help. Is that Fiesta dishes I spy in one of your pictures?

  5. You must have sent a little of that sunlight North..It has been in and out today..Mostly in but every little bit helps...It has been a long stretch of gloom...Looks like it could be coming to an end bringing with it colder temps..I guess winter is finally here..Happy New Year

  6. Sun here today . . .
    Long walk perked me up . . .
    Inside, undoing the house . . . brought me down.
    More fun to decorate than the "take Down!"