Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Stealing

I"m not known for doing memes on my blog, but a friend did this meme today and I just thought it sounded fun.... so here I am... 
Sunday Stealing Meme

1.  Have you been naughty or nice this year?

      I try so stinking hard to be nice, and I think that this year I have done a much better job of it than 
      in years past.  So ya... I have been nice... Kind of...

2.  What do you want most for Christmas.  

      World Peace  No...that would be asking for too much, much more than my Santa could give me.
       BUT, there is this pretty ring I want, but my Santa already said, "no".  Bad Santa!  Bad!

3.   What is you favorite Christmas movie?
       Funny you should ask.  My husband and I just sat down and watched it yesterday.  It's "Bad
       Santa".  Not a mushy type movie, but a really bad humor movie with swearing and sex.  I
       know.  We are bad people.  

4.   How many Christmas cards do you normally send out.
      Well, normal for me would be around 25 cards, but this year I am not sending any cards.  Just
       having a lazy year.

5.   Do you still get a stocking?
      No.  Christmas stockings were never a tradition at home when I was growing up, and still not.
      We enjoy having our fireplace burning and it's just not conducive to having flammable stockings
      hanging over it.  

6.   What is your favorite Christmas song?
       It changes each year since I love new contemporary Christmas songs.

7.   What is your favorite Christmas TV special?
      We cancelled cable, so really don't have a favorite special... but see #3.

8.   What is your favorite way to wrap gifts.
       Successfully so that there are no gaps around the corners or at the ends.

9.   What do you look forward to most at Christmas?
       Having it over with for another year.  The older we get, the more work it seems to be.  BUT
       I do love the gathering of friends party that our friends have at their home each Christmas.
       Booze, goodies, snacks, food, hugs, laughter.

10.  What did you do for Christmas this year?
       I don't know... Christmas is not here yet, so I really can't answer this.

11.  Who do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?
       Well, if we hung mistletoe I would say that it would be my husband that I would want to kiss
       under it.

12.  What kind of Christmas tree do you have?
       We have two small Christmas trees in the house... both fake.  One green with sock monkeys on
       it, and one white one with bright birds in pink, blue and gold and a few glass ornaments on it.

13.  Did you take part in a Secret Santa?

14.  Did you go to any Christmas parties?
       Not yet, but will be going soon.

15.  How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
       Whatever time the dogs deem as necessary.

Play along if you like by clicking the above link.
Merry Christmas to All.


  1. Ha ha I can just see you typing away at this funny post, giggling to yourself!! Hope Santa finds his way to your sock monkey tree with that ring!!

  2. Thanks for joining in Sunday Stealing! I used to be relieved when the holidays were over, too, until I did a major life overhaul and now pick and choose how I celebrate. It means so much more to me, and is easier!

  3. Baa-sad Santa indeed. Buhahaha! We started to watch it awhile back. KO'd in round two, six minutes.
    The dog rules the mornings here, too. 4 am seems to be his new breakfast time; he's a total whining mess at 4am.

  4. Doubt I will join in but I enjoyed YOU . . .

  5. Great answers, Di. Glad you joined in! And why no ring? Bad Santa, indeed!

  6. I would love to have a ring but not this year. Maybe next. However, I am getting a new riding helmet that has crystals on that's my bling and it will get lots of use.

  7. Para si e sua família desejo um Natal de Luz! Abençoado e repleto de alegrias.

  8. Loved your little Q&A..Sorry..I just don't have the patience..I saved it for 24 hrs thinking it might be fun to do..I'm a hunt and pecker so it would take me forever...So..Hope you get your ring!!!

  9. I loved your answers. I'm rethinking the tree thing for us.