Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Not So Usual

 I love that the afternoon sun of December casts a bit of warmth and light into my office.
It's mostly the warmth that I enjoy, being the cold blooded person that I am.
 And someone else is enjoying it today as well.
 Izzy came begging me for a biscuit, and when I turned down her request, she instead lay down to take a nap on the warm carpet.
This is not so usual for her, since she is more the 'slink off to a quiet room by herself' sort of pup who enjoys taking naps where no one bothers her snooze.
 And then Rowdy entered the room and lay down beside her.....
 For both of them to take their afternoon nap in my office??
 This is not so usual.


  1. They are both absolutely precious! I enjoy seeing their pictures and reading of their adventures!

  2. It's the little moments like catching the sun shining through that are important. Your puppies are beautiful!

  3. Sweetness . . . just for momma . . .

  4. So cute!! I love the way they tuck their back legs under their front paws - awwww!!

  5. Your fur-babies are precious! Nothing like taking a nap in the sun...