Thursday, December 10, 2015

Deep Dimples And Blowing Snow

 His Christmas present arrived.
Each year he orders a large item that he needs, usually during the month of December, and it is referred to as his Christmas gift.
 And check this out!  He is reading the installation manual.
Now that's a first!
Generally he just dives in head first and goes for it and in the end things all come together without too much swearing.
 OMG, I think he's just the most handsome 64 year old man in the world.
When he smiles that is.
Those dimples of his make me swoon, along with his great salt and pepper naturally curly hair.
Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like a school girl with a crush, but maybe that's a good thing.
Now, if only we get some snow this winter so that this man of mine can play in it and blow it all over the place, then perhaps those deep dimples will appear.


  1. Looks like "dimple grey curly" is all set . . .
    All he needs now is . . .
    SNOW . . .
    (60 here today!)

  2. Well you know what happens when you're all prepared for the snow right? NO SNOW!!! I sat on my deck this evening with a cocktail. What is going on with this weather?

  3. Oy, now that he has this marvelous toy you won't see a single flake. He is a know how to pick 'em! It has been hovering close to 70 here in the Midwest.