Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last Of The Walk

 After watching the pups romp for a few minutes in that green green green backyard, I headed up the back driveway and the UPS truck I had heard earlier came rumbling back past our home after a delivery to a neighbor.  No Christmas gifts yet... at least no deliveries at our home, but it's still a month away.
 The bushes in the planter area are still fiery and the sun bounces from the leaves to give us a wee bit of autumn color.  But just for the time being considering how cold the nights have been.... those leaves will soon be on the ground.
 The sun is much lower in the sky these days and there was a blinding of the eyes moment for me coming around to the front driveway.

And look who was still with me.
Ever present.
Ever loyal.
Sweetest pups in the whole wide county.

And that my friends, is a tour of our oh so very much loved property.... except for the woods, and the bears out there scare me too much to take you there.


  1. I love the way the sun looks in those pictures! You have bears there? Seriously? What kind in that area? Yikes!!!!

  2. Oh those pups - too cute!! Yes, tell us more about the bears - are they like mine? xo

  3. Trying to catch up . . .
    Must be more to "the walk"
    Got to see the pups though . . . still as cute as ever!

  4. Your property is beautiful...love the shots with the sunshine. Sweet, sweet pups...um yes, stay out of the woods...