Thursday, November 26, 2015

Have A Sunny Thanksgiving!

 Guess what happened.
I mean... guess what we got.
 Can you see it now?
Take a closer look.
*best rug for disguising boxer colored hair.  LOL*

 Mom got us a new rug for in front of the doorway.
 It's where the sun comes flowing into the house.
 And it's one of our favorite napping places and bird watching locations, and whine at the deer in the yard locations.
Pretty much a great location for everything we dogs love.
 It's the location where we will be spending a good portion of our Thanksgiving Day.
Hope you get a nap in the sunshine on a soft rug too!
Love and stuff,
Rowdy and Izzy in Virginia.


  1. They always find the sunshine, don't they? So cute - great photos of your little furbabies!!! xo

  2. Lucky Pups!!! and spoiled too. Have a happy Thanksgiving..

  3. Ah yes, sleeping in the sunshine on a new rug is bliss! Rowdy and Izzy are so beautiful.

  4. Awwww . . . sweet, sweet, sweet!
    I am way behind with my wishes . . .
    Left my iPad at my daughters . . .
    Just returned and getting back to business as usual . . .
    Hugs Rowdy and Izzy . . .
    Enjoy the warm sunshine on your brand new rug!