Friday, October 16, 2015

Where Retailers And Fashion Bloggers Lose Me

 When it comes to 'fashion bloggers' and where they lose me?
It comes down to living in and showing me realistic styles and fair prices.

Most fashion bloggers will show you an outfit and with it, hanging from their arm is a purse that sometimes weighs more than the 100 pound blogger, and is larger than her torso.
I simply don't see ladies out shopping with this look.
Most women of my age look for a handbag that does not weigh a ton, and
does not require opening a new credit account or placing a mortgage on their home in order to afford it. I mean, a handbag for over a thousand dollars?  Kidding me, right???
Women of my age are spending their dollars wisely, and not on a two ton handbag that costs more than what it costs them for delivery service on their first born child back in the 1970's.

I do understand that the price of leather has sky-rocketed over the past five years,
but I simply won't open my check book for something to carry my lipstick and wallet around in that is more money than my leather sofa's cost.

Perhaps a company is paying them to show these expensive bags, but who is buying them?
Where do they make that kind of money?  No, that's really not my business, but just think about it before you buy that expensive bag, because next year... no.... next season, it will be soooo out of fashion.

Don't fall into the trap, Ladies.
The trap that says you won't be good enough or fashionable enough without that humungous handbag draped from your elbow.
It just isn't so.


  1. And besides . . . be your own person . . . not some carbon copy of someone else.
    This purse/handbag thingy was a challenge for me until I hurt my shoulder . . .
    Then I took a look at what and why I was carrying around ten pounds of "stuff" in something that was larger than my rear end.
    All I needed was my lip gloss, card/cash/glasses . . . maybe a few other items, not much.
    So I found some delightful small clutches . . .
    They work best for me . . . besides I am often in and out of my car and sometimes i leave the clutch in the car and grab my small money pouch, tuck it in my pocket, and off I go . . .
    My shoulder is better . . . my neck feels better . . .
    My 400 dollar beautiful COACH sits comfortably in the closet and is already out of style. (Maybe)
    I carried it once, maybe twice . . . lesson learned the hard way!

    Seriously . . . STAY AWAY FROM THE PURSE TRAP!
    Good post "pepper!"

  2. I used to buy nice leather purses but now they are so expensive I just have to walk on by. I do swoon a little over that smell though.

    Are you linking up with What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy? There are a few other fashion bloggers who are doing over 40 styles now and I just love them. is new and fun.

  3. I'm a handbag girl. And for me, now that I'm the age I am, I love a handbag that means something to me. So I have a few that cost much more than the $1000 you mentioned. Some of them I've carried for 20 years. Some I've carried for 10 years. My newest Givenchy my sweet husband got me for my 60th birthday and our five year anniversary. My youngest daughter already has asked for it to be willed to her. :)

    But this is my thing. I don't buy trends in a handbag. I have bags that have been around decades. I don't get tired of them. They make me happy. It's just my thing! In fact, this past birthday, I bought myself a Chanel bag I've been craving and wanting for years. I love it and will carry it forever.

    Not necessarily disagreeing with you, but wanted to turn over the coin. Fashion is what you want it to be. I thrift store shop like a boss, but love carrying a very good handbag. It's just what works for me.

    And I'm happy for what works for you.