Thursday, October 15, 2015

Just Hangin' At Home

 Another gorgeous autumn day yesterday which will be repeated today.
 It felt like a great day to wear a red, plaid, flannel shirt with my favorite stretchy black pants,

My hat of course... ALWAYS my hat.
 And a bling bling necklace, all of which I purchased last year.
 There's not always a need to buy something new, in fact.... raiding my already full to the brim closet is taken advantage of quite often.


  1. Hello my old a very young way! lovely to see you pop over to my blog and remind me that blog life is actually all about catching up! Don't you look lovely. I've basically lived in a brown, beige and black plaid shirt all last weekend and let me tell you, those shirts are comfy to the max. Love the bling necklace. Hey, do you remember that old show green acres? I used to love seeing Eva Gabor in the farm clothes plus Tiffany's. Oh yes. You go girl. Love the hat too. I must get one from Robert because his old one is, like, a million years old and falling apart. Big hugs from me and I'll try to be better about popping by more often. X

  2. Snazzy Jazzy Red Plaid flannel with some "Bling!"
    Love it!