Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not An Expert.... BUT Here Are Some Fashion Photo Hints

 This is not an expert on the subject of fashion photo talking to you, BUT here are a few things I've learned over the past years regarding taking photos of myself for a fashion post.

Taking a fashion photo indoors can be tricky, in that the lighting is generally not good. Using a flash gives a photo a hard look, shadows on the wall behind you, and usually a yellow cast to the entire photo. Try stepping outdoors which eliminates the need for a flash, allows you more space for modeling, and generally just an overall more fun photo.

 Using a tripod is also recommended if doing your own photos which is usually the case for me, since my husband has his own home business and also travels at times, so asking him to take my picture is generally not an option for me.
Instead, I used a tripod, (use timer on your camera) or as in the case with the above two photos, a selfie stick, which does not require using your camera's timer.
I know.... people think selfie sticks are stupid and all about vanity, but I am tooting their horn since they are inexpensive and do the job when no one else is around to snap your fashion photo.

Also, use what you have as background.
A brick wall or the side of your home works fine, but if you have a garden, even if the veggies are beyond season, use it as a point of interest. 

 Photographing jewelry?
The outdoor light brings it to life.
Just step outdoors into the light and see what happens.

If the outdoor light is exceptionally good that day, change out the jewelry or the outfit you are wearing, get photos of those too and get ahead of the game as you ready for your next fashion post.

 Use outdoor items as props.
My husband has not yet completed this trellis, but it serves me as a prop. 

 Use your front porch, or your back porch, next to a bush or flowers, yard art.
And you don't always need to stare into the camera.
Look away if you need to, or don't always want to show your saggy neck... LOL.... like me!
We had been covering our new lawn seed with straw, so these straw bales offered me a different background, and one piece of straw between my teeth served as humor.
Fashion photos need not always be so serious.

 Have fun and toy with the camera.
Flirt with the lens.
it does not need to be an expensive lens.
I have an expensive camera with a 50mm lens which is recommended for fashion photos, but I prefer the ease and simplicity of my pocket camera.  

Want to do some special things with your photos but don't have an expensive photo program?  
Try something free online like Picmonkey which allows for lightening and brightening of photos as well as doing collages of your fashion.
Editing and preparing fashion photos does not need to be an added expense to your budget.

Off balance.
Does it always need to be a straight on shot?
No.  Not if you are discussing the scarf and not the rest of the outfit.

I am not a professional fashion blogger by any means, but when taking photos for a fashion post, I'd just like to see you have fun with it and never take yourself too seriously.  Take 50 photos of one outfit if you need to and then delete 49 of them if that's what it takes to get the shot you want.

1. Shoot your photos outdoors for better lighting.
2. Use tripod or Selfie Stick if necessary.
3. Think about your background.
4. Shoot multiple outfits in same day.
5.  Use yard items as props.
6.  Don't forget about humor as an option.
7. Flirt with the lens.
8.  Use free online photo editing websites.
9.  Shoot off balance shots for interest
10. Take LOTS of shots.

Let YOUR personality shine through and have fun with YOUR fashion shots.

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  1. Pretty . . . Sassy . . . Stylish . . .
    Thank you for the photo hints!
    (Love that plaid jacket . . .)