Thursday, October 22, 2015

Home Office Re-Style 2015

 *if you love your photos, consider a wall dedicated to them*

This is my re-styled home office, which still awaits three pieces of art to be hung, but it is what it is.
As you can see, I have used mostly my own photographs taken over the years, which I framed all in black to keep it simple. White frames would obviously give the room a less heavy look, but to start over and change the color of the frames I already had would add more cost to the re-do; always consider using what you already have.
This is a much less expensive way to fill walls than with all purchased artwork, and I've purchased my frames from big box stores over a the period of a few years, so I didn't feel the pinch to my wallet.
The round clock is a very inexpensive plastic one from Wal-Mart, something I wanted rather than always glancing at the tiny clock on my computer screen. 
The plastic dinosaur pieces are from Michael's Craft Store, and they, along with the white furry pillow on the chair add whimsy to the space. 
The lamp and shade are from Lowes.
I have wanted a clear, turquoise glass lamp base FOREVER.  
Most bloggers purchased and showed them in their homes a few years ago, but I run behind... behind or not.... I still love the color here in my office and the fact that it is clear glass adds lightness to the room which has a lot of heavy black wall frames going on.
Family photos always add warmth to a room, and with his fight against cancer this past year, a photo of my brother in law was a must have.
The other is of my daughter and eldest granddaughter, a silly photo of them at the lake this past summer.
And of course, my Christmas box I made this week, which was too pretty to tuck away in a closet until December, so it's out now for me to enjoy.
Who cares if it's only October!!!
 Across the room is my filing cabinet with another lamp... one I bought at Pier One five (perhaps) years ago and beneath it's glow there is a family photo of myself and my siblings
 next to a cup with faux succulents and a handsome skeleton.
He's from the Plow and Hearth store and was purchased at least a year ago.

 The side chair is one I have had since our days in Maryland... way back in the early 2000's and I purchased a remnant of fabric to recover it with... wild and crazy swirls, and topped off with a sweet furry pillow from Target. AND, I keep my paper cutter handy atop the table which is a life saver when framing photos or designing and mailing out Christmas cards, which is not all that far off by the way.
Oh so furry.... and Rowdy, our boxer, has been completely curious and enamored with it.
That wall straight ahead...

here's a better view, is where the framed succulent photo will go.
It was a surprise find at Target back in August,
but for now it's sitting atop my printer.

Here's a view looking back at the picture wall as I stand in front of my printer,

and to the doorway and filling cabinet.
It's not a big room, but rather a smallish sized guest bedroom that I chose to use as my office.

Here's looking from the doorway into the desk area of the room... you can see the new chair I purchased.  It looks a whole lot better than it sits.
NOT comfortable, but I tried many chairs and nothing felt right, so I settled.

*stack of papers on corner of desk lives there always*

Back in the corner is a wire shelving unit.
We purchased this small one and also three large ones when we were in our previous home, so they moved here with us two years ago.
 I have one large one in the closet and trust me... it holds a lot and is due for a good organizing.
This small one works great for my printer.
 And I came across two canvas baskets at Target which hold my extra ink cartridges for the printer as well as photo paper, greeting cards, etc.  Also my plastic tiara, because EVERY girl needs a tiara.

 This is the succulent photo that will go over near the photo wall which is one of the items that requires assistance from my husband in order to be hung.
 The wall on the right is awaiting another framed item that now sits on the floor below,
and I have a framed photo of my husband and I that will go on the wall above the printer.

 Oh, and I nearly forgot the tan and white pouf which was also a Target purchase that sits beneath the drop leaf table.
I wanted something to hide the electrical cords beneath the table, but I wanted it to be a useful item, so the pouf worked nicely. AND, it can be pulled out from under the table or into another room as extra seating for a smallish person. My camera hides under the table also.
So there you have it.
My office re-style, and it will do until I once again become bored with it and make changes... which shouldn't be too soon.
It's my happy room and it's a cozy place where I can look at some of my photography on the walls.
You'll notice that my office is not in keeping with the 'white' offices that so many bloggers are showing these days, but instead I choose to use dark furnishings, which we already owned and which I LOVE, and light yellow walls and many personal items rather than items that are 'in', so to speak.  When it comes to furnishings, most fads are not my way of decorating and 'yes' there are a lot of cords showing around the room, but there are no clients here, no babies crawling around the room, just me, and I can live with the cords for now.
I hope you enjoyed this tour and thank you to those of you who have been waiting, with baited breath since August, for it's completion.
  There is a video of the room below.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    I also made a spare bedroom into my "office" space....
    Yours is outstanding, you must love being in there, with all your neat "stuff"....
    Linda :o)

  2. Your room looks great! The blue you've incorporated and the furniture make it functional but pretty. I'm with you...gotta have family pictures.

  3. Great space . . . well done.
    I think the black frames are perfect . . . much better than white.
    Besides, it makes your little white Christmas creation pop right out for you to see and bring you cheer!
    Having ones "own space" is such fun . . . A retreat within your own home . . .
    I have a room for me too . . . although it is a guest bedroom with a bed . . . Desk, book cases, computer, printers . . . stuff . . .
    I like your cozy or whatever you called it to hide your cords . . .
    You are motivating me to redo and "spice up!"
    (I like the bed, I can sneak in a nap when I want!)

  4. Your office looks wonderful. So organized and tidy. Great job!

  5. I love the way your office is organized! I have a rental office in Indianapolis, and as an enthusiastic decorator, I can really appreciate the beauty of your offices layout. I've even gotten a few ideas to try from looking at your pictures. I really like the way the colors contrast in your office.

    Derrick George @ ZZONE 31