Monday, October 12, 2015

Garage Fashion

 Fashion is not always about going to the mall and finding something new to wear and show you.
 Sometimes fashion involves wearing something totally bad looking so that you can help your husband put down epoxy on your garage floor so that the garage looks as though it's been shopping for new duds to wear.
 He rolled on the epoxy, whilst me, the go-fer wife sprinkled on the decorative sprinkles as the finishing touch to the garage floor.
The weather was gorgeous, and this needs to be done on a somewhat warm day, so that's how we spent some time this week-end.
In the garage.
 My husband was decked out in his favorite trashy looking work and paint jeans and a worn out in the elbows shirt, and his everyday watch was strapped around his belt at his waist.
There were work boots as well, but they did not make it into the photo.
Definitely a 'garagy' gentleman's look.
No Dior around here folks.
 And for my 'garagy' look I donned some holey jeans, borrowed one of my husband's trashed paint shirts.....
and my favorite gnome socks which were covered up with some old Ecco paint stained shoes.
We like to dress up on the week-ends around our house!


  1. Are you applying the epoxy finish yourself? I've read that it is complicated. let me know how it goes...we need to do that to our garage floor.

  2. Delightful "fashion" post . . .
    I'd like to know more about the Epoxy finish as well . . .

  3. Oh nice, I want to see the finished floor.

  4. Love the socks..Looks like those big toes will be breaking out soon :)