Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beep Beep Said The Heavy Equipment

About that back yard dirt project.
Well, I can't remember having such a wet autumn since moving to Virginia in 2007,

 So the MUD er, I mean DIRT project is taking a whole lot of time,
 and after a quick rain shower this morning, they have come back and will be bringing at least another three loads of dirt.
Once it's all in and shoved around here and there in the yard,
 then a little bit of top soil will top things off so hopefully we can get some grass seed in,
and THEN
the paving of the driveway can begin.

The last photo is what the yard looked like prior to them coming this morning. There is a ravine down where you see those orange leafed trees that requires a few loads of fill dirt so that a fence can span the back of the yard.
Some dry weather would sure be nice so that the pups can once again run in the back yard.
NOT letting their paws out there into the mud, that's for sure!

Beep Beep Beep, the sound of heavy equipment as it backs up the hill.


  1. It will be lovely when it is all done..Beep!

  2. I agree with Missy . . .
    It looks like good clay base!