Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good Trend Bad Trend

Denim jackets.
I think they're GREAT, and I love wearing them with other somewhat casual clothing, but I have noticed a trend especially in the past year, and that is denim jackets paired up with dressy dresses.
I like them with dresses, casual cotton dresses, but not for formal occasions.
This spring gals were pairing a denim jacket with a dressy dress to a dance, a wedding, and also graduations.
They looked horrible!

Sometimes a trend is not meant for you, or at least not for you to try to pull off when attending someone's special occasion in their life, and when you look back on those photos in 20 years I truly think you will be saying to yourself, "what was I thinking?", and oh gosh.... "I look stupid at that wedding reception wearing a denim jacket".

So, as you leave to attend THE EVENT of someone else's life, take one last look in the mirror before you walk out that door.
It is after all THEIR event.
And remember, trends often fall short of being proper attire.


  1. Oh my . . . attended a wedding this past weekend and I had MANY thoughts about dress/attire!

  2. I don't think I would much care about a funeral, but yeah, not appropriate for a wedding unless the invitations stated 'very informal' or 'informal attire appreciated' or something like that.

  3. Thanks to your timely advice I will not wear denim to our daughters wedding next month.

  4. The way people dress at funerals and weddings irritate the hell out of me. Denim with a formal? Um NO.