Friday, July 3, 2015

Stone Man and Dirt Man

 So many plans...
So many contractors that don't respond...

 We have not heard back from our dirt man who lives right around the corner from us.
It was some weeks ago that we told him we want to add dirt to the back yard to decrease the steepness of it,
but.... we wait and we wait....
We are also awaiting our stone man who will be building more stone walls at each side of the upper driveway, as well as a stone column, one on each side of the entrance to our home.
I don't know if you can see the stakes with the yellow flags, but that is where they will be constructed, and my husband will run electrical conduit out to them so that they can each have a light on top.
We have the house number sign, but it will go on later.
Once Mr. dirtman and Mr. stoneman are done, then the upper and lower driveways will be paved.
See all the grass and weeds growing on it now?  Yep, we gave up when we realized that the weeds outnumbered us a bazillion to one.

 This, where Izzy is sitting is the main drive that comes up to the three homes here on our hill,
it will remain rock.
 Lots of berry bushes grow along this drive.
I don't think our contractors know what they're missing by working here.
 There is a 'no trespassing' sign at the bottom of the drive, so don't EVEN try to come up here and steal our berries.
We are very unforgiving about berry thieves.  LOL

 A little red and blue in the bowl for you on this holiday week-end.
 Hope you find a little red, and blue as well as white tomorrow too!


  1. That was the worst part of our remodel...waiting to find the right contractor. So I feel your pain. Try Angie's list. It's worth the one month fee. ;)

  2. Those berries look fabulous. Make a pie and bribe the contractors!

  3. I have been really liking raspberries lately and getting them at the market. These look delicious. :~)


  4. Oh my . . . the berries would be yummy just out of the bowl . . . but perfect for your smoothies too . . .