Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pre-Fourth Picnic Meal

 Last night my husband and I decided to have a little pre -4th celebration, just the two of us here at home.

 I had a few red, white and blue outdoor decor items that I pulled from my holiday cabinet and WOW, did it put a smile on his face!

 It was a simple affair, but one that was easily done since all it involved was a jar with colored beads, a couple of flags, and some blue plastic picnic plates and red napkins.

 He NEVER smiles like this for the camera, but he was more than happy to oblige this time.

 Possibly because it was on short notice, with no planning involved.

So, he grilled the chicken, and we served with a side of my potato salad that he so loves,

 and a simple cucumber salad topped with a few sliced heritage tomatoes,

then pour a bit of wine in a glass, (a wine cooler in my case),
and we were both all smiles for the evening.

Today will be spent at a barbecue with friends and I am baking a red, white and blue bundt cake for the occasion.
It's an over-cast day but that certainly won't dampen the spirit we all feel in celebrating our Nation's birthday.

Make it a special day.


  1. What a lovely idea, and such a cute photo of it all, especially the one of the two of you! I hope your holiday weekend continues to bring smiles to your faces! :)

  2. Nice dinner for two..Enjoy your day..Stay safe

  3. What a fun meal. I love last minute parties.

  4. This potato salad looks so good. I remember the potato salads we had at all the block parties when I was a kid. I hope you had a nice Fourth of July.


  5. I like seeing people setting a "table for two" and looking happy and smiley just like you two!