Monday, July 6, 2015

Melt Down My Hand Oh So Good!

So, you're having some 'now that the holiday is over' blues?
Don't feel badly.
It happens sometimes.
Why not plan for something fun this coming week-end too?  Something simple. Easy. No effort kind of fun.

Today Bloglovin sent me some links to some cool, and some creamy, fun popsicles.
Some are popsicles for adults, but most are just plain fun.
So here we go....
check out the links to these not only tasty, but eye popping fun popsicle recipes.

Sangria Anyone? Let's have a girl party and drink some popsicles.  What say Ye?

Root Beer Float Popsicles?  The flavor of root beer takes me back to childhood and I may need to brush up on my root beer drinking skills once again because THIS looks creamy and oh so delicious!

Funfetti Anyone?  Jeez, these would lift the post holiday blues for sure! Looks melt down my hand and oh so good!

Striped Berry Buttermilk?  Oh To The Em To The Gee!!!!  These are for me, right?

Don't you just love eye candy foods?  Um, popsicles are a food group, right?

Bloglovin had a list with a few others, and if they send you a daily Bloglovin list then check today's list with the link to more of these fabulous popsicles.  I don't have any popsicle maker thingies but looks like it's time to get some and start the celebration.

So, get beyond your blues and put some fun food in your mouth next week-end.  Plan ahead and buy the ingredients you need. Then make something yummy, put it in the freezer and eat whenever those creepy blue feelings start to attack you.
Popsicles do it for me.

*not posted per Bloglovin's request or as a promotion.... just LOVE popsicles is all I'm sayin'* 
These were just a few of the 15 popsicle recipes on the list.  Want more?  Let me know and I'll send you some of the links.



  1. I was just talking about popsicles last week when it was so muggy here. Thinking I need to put some in the freezer for the next time I get that thought. So many ideas! I think the sangria sounds kind of good.

  2. We are going to Comic Con this weekend...two days in a row. I'll be begging to put my feet up by the end of the first day...but it's a highlight of the summer, too. :) Great ideas here!