Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Critter Woes

Over the week-end we had an unwanted garden visitor.
A groundhog had found it's way into our garden by chewing through the Tenax fencing.
This fencing has kept all wild critters out for the past couple of summers, but obviously we must not have had a groundhog in the vicinity until now.
 So off he headed to Lowes and purchased a metal fence which he installed on the lower half of the surrounding fence.
It was of course an ugly, hot, humid, summer day, but he wanted to take care of this problem right away.
His attempt to shoot the groundhog failed, so fencing was the next try in eradicating him from within the garden.

 Why the long sleeves?
Because the bugs eat this man alive.
They LOVE his skin, so he wears a worn out long sleeved shirt when doing yard work.

 A beer half way through the job seemed to ease the heat of the day.
So far the groundhog has not shown his face again.
I'll keep you updated on the fight against the critter.


  1. I hope you can deter them without having to kill them. But....we've been there. Sometimes you have to send them to Happy Ground Hog Village.

    We experienced that with raccoons a few years ago--it was horrible. The village gave everyone those big blue garbage cans to use and the raccoons were livid. My pond and yard took the brunt of their hunt for food. We ended up having to call an extermination company and we had to trap them. It broke my heart, as I knew they were going to be killed, but the cost of their damage was just too great. Plus, they were getting dangerous because they were hungry. Not fun.

  2. Damn ground hogs, moles, voles, . . . they can mess up the best plans!
    The bugs like my skin too . . . I have to cover up completely and I wear one of those little battery operated, bug thingy's.
    Tell your hubs to be careful in the heat, high temps. . . don't want him to have a heat stroke!

  3. hope the new fencing continues to work! And oh my, how I pity your hubster having to wear that long sleeved shirt in that weather doing that kind of work!