Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trees For Peace

 Over the week-end my husband worked outdoors.
It's one of the things he loves best, is cool, breezy weather (as do I) and not being cooped up behind his desk in his home office.  Oh, he loves his consulting work, but being outdoors is his love.

 I walked about the property and then up one of our neighbors' driveways to catch a glimpse of one of the mountain views.  This is not a view we see unless we walk up the their lane, or around and through our patch of cedar trees, and make a point to view it.  This is not an easy view to get to.  BUT, I do love it.

 While my husband was down our lane doing a bit of trimming of brush our other neighbor approached him.  They were doing some 'men chat'.  It's sort of like 'women gossip', but 'men chat'.  The neighbor asked my husband if we would consider cutting down a couple of our pine trees that are mixed in and amongst our cedar patch.  
Now, I LOVE our cedar patch, and since moving here we have lost a couple of the cedar trees to some sort of tree blight, which has thinned the patch a bit.  The cedar patch, by the way, gives us privacy on the west side of our yard, and keeps some of the hot late afternoon setting sun from beating down on that side of the house.  Taking out too many trees, even if they are a few scrubby pine trees, is not something I am really keen on doing.

 The neighbor's house sits up a bit higher than ours and he said that a couple of the pine trees in our cedar patch are blocking his 'view'.  I'd love to see his 'view' and know just how badly our trees are affecting his 'view', but he has NEVER invited us to even come onto his property in the two years we have lived here. 

It's a sensitive subject with me, since I ponder as to what happens when a few of the other trees in our patch grow taller and hinder the man's mountain view.  Are we then to keep cutting down trees simply to appease him?  How many trees have to fall in our forest to keep the peace in he neighborhood?
It's just that our planet needs trees!

He's an old man.  MUCH older than we are, but he looks very healthy... so no... that's not going to happen anytime soon.  You know what I mean?  LOL 

So, to cut down some trees for peace?
Or leave the trees?


  1. Leave the trees. Good grief, that's pretty selfish of him, but I suppose it never hurts to ask, right?

  2. You might want to check your deed for covenants about tree-cutting. I was under the impression that some of the subdivisions in that area have restrictive covenants on the property that mean you aren't supposed to cut your trees unless they are dead or ill or something. Might be worth checking out, though you may need to go all the way back to the original subdivision stuff. I think your neighbor had a lot of chutzpah to ask this of you.

  3. LEAVE THE TREES. Unless you have a covenant that requires trimming for neighboring views, hell to the no. Leave them as is.

  4. KEEP the trees . . .
    No way . . . cut them . . .
    Tell him, sorry, you are TREE HUGGERS . . .
    No cutting any trees!
    NADA . . .