Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Scoop On Coconut Milk

As you all know, I have been experimenting with smoothies this month.
I have high cholesterol and normally I have good blood pressure, although I did have a scare with it not too long ago, AND I had some nasty irregular heart palpitations, so I have chosen to eat differently.
I mean, whole foods?  How bad can that be?

This week I thought I would try something different, and I did not do my homework first as I should have.
Coconut milk?  Sounds good right?  Well, yummy yes it is.
That's why Starbucks has chosen to add it to some of the drinks they make, and we all know what yummy *and overly priced* drinks they make.  If coconut milk didn't taste omg oh to die for good, then Starbucks would not be using it, right?

 *note that this is an eleven oz pckg*

There has been lots of hype about coconut milk, so I decided to try a dash of it in my smoothies, and GOOD?  OMG!! Hell ya it's good!  Smooth, creamy, sweet, coconutty.  All of these things.
If you don't like the taste of coconut then just move the heck over, get out of the way and don't leave none of your "ewww, I don't like it comments".  Just move on.

after drinking only one smoothie with coconut milk I was sold on the taste, so I of course did a search about coconut milk and it's health benefits.
Ummmm, uh-oh.  Guess I won't be buying anymore coconut milk and am so glad that I only purchased a very small container of it.
Use sparingly folks, if you are currently using coconut milk, or if you are drinking a whole lot of Starbucks drinks with coconut milk in it, then you may want to know that if you have high cholesterol already, or heart issues, then you probably should put that cup of Starbucks down right now.

*60% Saturated Fat*
This nutritionist is cautioning people with high cholesterol and a history of heart disease.
It may not be the miracle food that so many people are in search of.
Yes, saturated fat is the good fat... but at 60% fat it's going to pack on the pounds.
Bottom line? 
 Do your homework and speak to your doctor before inhaling large quantities of coconut milk which is

I will be finishing the small container I purchased, but that is the last.



  1. So many high calorie drinks at Starbucks. I rarely stop there but if I get a latte or anything, I always order nonfat. It takes so much awareness to eat healthy, but I'm happy you're investing the time and energy. Another good message about reading labels and making better choices.

  2. I agree with your sis above . . .
    Read the labels . . .
    An occasional latte or mocha is probably ok . . . daily . . . not so much!

  3. there are different types of coconut milk tho, some with less fat. and have you tried coconut water in your smoothies? to die for! believe me. I use coconut milk for cooking every so often. I lived in Asia and can't go too long without the taste of it. I figure every so often it's ok. but you are right, it's nothing you should use every day...