Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shrimp Shramp Shrump and a Banana

 It's been a challenge for me to not eat all of the meats that my husband loves so dearly, but last night once again we had shrimp on a salad for dinner...
The temperature outdoors come time to fix dinner was 95 degree F which was two degrees warmer than it had been an hour earlier.  We need this heatwave to end and we are looking forward to a cooler July.  Imagine that... a cooler July?  But June has been a bear weatherwise for us.

 So, my husband was happy to hear that I had planned a 'cooked indoors' kind of meal so that he did not have to stand out on the deck and grill during the hottest part of our day.

 I used THIS RECIPE for the shrimp and served it atop a lettuce salad.
This shrimp would have been best served over rice but we were hankering for salad since it was such a hot day.
The shrimp was delicious!

 On my menu at 7 AM today was of course another smoothie, and since I have been having so many carrot smoothies I opted for a green smoothie and it was GREAT.
Here is my recipe from this morning.

10 oz water... so good since my husband installed an RO system last week.
1/2 an apple
VERY large handful of spinach
Nice size piece of ginger.  About a thumb size
1/2 a banana - had to use it since it was about to go brown
2 big shakes of cinnamon
because I still have that yummy bad for you coconut milk I added 2T of it

I am learning to make my smoothies with more water to thin them out a bit,
and I ALWAYS serve over ice because the colder the smoothie the better.

ENjoY your middle of the week!

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