Monday, June 22, 2015

Take Charge Of Your Life

 How can I say this without just saying it?
I read fewer blogs than I was reading 6-12 months ago, and perhaps it is because I have become disillusioned with them.  I know I know.  Lots of readers have become disillusioned with mine as well, but here's the deal.
Due to poor eating habits and not getting any exercise at all, many of you are suffering as far as your health, and due to life circumstances, some are also having financial difficulties which plays a HUGE role in poor eating habits.  You are blogging about it often and to be honest it is tiresome that you are STILL blogging about it and have not taken steps to find alternative routes in fixing the problem
Come on ladies.... 
Didn't we take care of our husband's and children and grandchildren and friends all of our lives, but now we can't even muster the goodness to take care of ourselves?
You don't need that pound of expensive hamburger anyway.  Buy beans!  You may not like them as well, but they are a great source of protein.  I buy cans of beans, rinse off all of the juice they are canned in, take a handful and place it atop a salad along with fresh veggies and some yummy dressing.  

 I know it's difficult to get out of the house and go buy good food, whole foods without all that added nonsense that the growers put into it, and the ones you do think about buying have sky rocketed in price.  If you're on a tightly set income then consider this:

Is it something you can grow yourself in a pot or container on your patio?  You don't need to buy new pots, but instead get rid of some of your potted flowers and replace them with vegetable seeds of some kind.  Lettuce is at least .99 cents a head or more, and you can easily grow fresh lettuce yourself.  Radishes will grow fast as well.
Grow some green tail onions in a pot.
Grow a second type of lettuce.
Grow veggies that will give you something to eat in only a month or two.

If you rent a home in a neighborhood, start a community garden and others can help you with the cost of the seeds and also with the weeding.  We live in the country and people share what comes from their gardens with others.  People in the cities should do the same.  

IF you can't bear to NOT have flowers, then plant flowers that have edible blooms.  
IF you live in a warmer climate, then you can almost garden year round.
So you see...
this is why I may not empathize as you think I should. Stop whining about food price problems.
Good grief.

Many of you believe in an all powerful creator, the guy up there that gave you two hands, and he would expect you to put them in a pot of dirt and raise some nourishment for yourself.  

Stop potting flowers and pot veggies... it's the smart thing to do.

Be a strong woman and take charge of your life!


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