Monday, June 22, 2015

Horn Of Plenty

The horn of plenty has arrived at our house.
 Green and Italian variations of lettuce, so much we cannot eat it all.

 Cucumbers and squash... quite large and oh so good.
 Even if you live in a home or apartment with very little outdoor space, you really should try container gardening.  Home grown is too good not to attempt it. AND of course then you can be assured that what you are eating is pesticide free.
If you can grow flowers in pots, you can also grow vegetables in a patio container. 
Just a part of last night's dinner.
Fresh from our garden, the squash were grilled with a dash of love by my husband.
Now, you all know that his cooking skills were one of many reasons I married this man.
Plus, he looks great wearing his apron.

Here are some container garden videos so you can start planning for next year's planting season.

Use your deck space and fill it with containers!

Happy Growing!


  1. I am so impressed with your garden bounty. Ours hasn't even started blooming yet.