Monday, June 29, 2015


 The hot days of June are nearly done, and Sunday morning was proof.
I stepped out into the screened patio off the kitchen area as cool 64 degree winds were pushing a few clouds over the mountaintops.
 Summer heat makes me feel so heavy and lethargic, so these cool breezes spelled complete relief to me.  Made me actually NOT want to go back to bed as the temperatures of the past month have been.
 Closing my eyes for just a moment, not wanting to miss the glorious coolness and scene of the moment, I thought about October.
And then came another cool... no, I mean another cold breeze.


  1. It was glorious wasn't it? Enjoy your week..

  2. Glad you had some nice weather. We were hot and super muggy, which fortunately doesn't happen often in southern California.

  3. i love smoothies but understand the coloring ... i say if it tastes good no biggie. ( :
    love the rabbit ... the Biltmore is gorgeous no matter what season. we went in November the 1st time & it was amazing.

  4. I love it when it does that. We have had the worst heatwave in history here, but finally a storm blew in and I can open all the windows. Relief indeed :)


  5. So pretty . . . Most especially will cool, non humid breezes . . . .
    Wishing you more!