Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Winds Of Change

So many bloggers of the past 8-10 years have scaled back on their blogging.... had you noticed?
Well, I noticed this to be the case over the past six months.
Rather than post every day or even every week, many have dropped off in their regularity to once a month,
are you one of them?

Even some of the major players of the blogging world have pretty much quit blogging and moved their daily sharing to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The trend now is that people wish to still share, but with less photos and less words, and Twitter only allows 140 characters, so they have to post there often if they want us to know a lot about their day, or post less detailed info in those allowable 140 characters.  
I never did take to Twitter much, and since I don't use a Smart phone Instagram is not possible for me.

This is simply social media and the internet age of information moving on and doing things in a more speedy fashion.  Lots of shortened words rather than good old English.  You know, as in text message words. R U Reding Wt I am sayin?
I find this form of communication to make a person appear stupid.

I wonder how much longer blogging will be around or how many changes will occur and where it will all end up.
Some days blogging makes me feel like an old dinosaur.


  1. I still blog every day. When I am not feeling well I post more pictures, but I still try to post everyday. I like it and I am doing it for myself. If people read it and it brings them joy, so much the better. I expect blogging will stay around. But I have noticed that my list of blogs to visit has changed considerably in recent years. Some get too commercial, and some stop writing. It is what it is.

  2. I don't Tweet, but will post on Facebook. And yes, there are considerably fewer posts from me than originally. I post when I have something to say. I still read others' posts, but again comment only when I have something positive to add.

  3. I find that it is true for me, and many of the blogs I read. Not sure if I have just said all I had to say, or if I am just tired of it.
    I know I loved it for a long time, and it was important to me.
    I guess times change, and so do we.
    I just blog when I feel it, I don't ever want to blog because I feel I have to.

  4. Sure has changed for me . . .
    I wonder where my zest has gone . . .
    I still like the cresting . . . but???