Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vultures On The Hill

 When we purchased our home, the eaves all drained underground to a nicely done *ahem* drainage ditch and it all flowed downhill away from the house out into to a ravine in the wooded area of our property.

But, my husband wants this area of the yard leveled off and a pergola built at some point in the future, so he moved the original drainage ditch further away.

 *Izzy takes a slide down the hill*

 The downspouts/eaves, were still ending up here.... and the water would bubble up into the yard when the eaves were full of rainwater, so, he extended the drainage tubes and now all eave water goes down into the woods and joins up where the other drainage ditch empties out.
*if that doesn't make sense to you it really doesn't matter*

 It was about 30 feet from where the water bubbling up in the yard was, to the wooded area, and he spent a number of hours digging this trench and then laying the drainage hose,

 and then covering it all up again.

 *you will note that there are two vultures up on the hilltop*

 By the end of the day all was covered up with dirt and we are hoping that grass will grow back, although knowing my husband there will be another project in the future in this area with more digging...

These two did a fine job of supervising.... they certainly have enough practice at it!

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  1. Looks like a bunch of hard work . . . He is a " keeper" that is for sure!