Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Maturing Nicely

 Little Miss Isabelle, aka Izzy, has finally grown up.

 We still have to keep an eye on her sometimes, because she is an explorer, and always off into the woods in search of a new stick to bring into the yard and chew on,

 or to chase any small creature that has stirred in the tall grasses of the cedars,

but then there are times when she is content simply to nap in the sunshine.

She will be four years old this summer, finally maturing in her actions
and we are so incredibly happy to have her in our lives.


  1. Izzy is turning FOUR?????? I remember when you got her. Such a good girl.

  2. Love your Izzy and Rowdy too . . .

  3. You can tell she's a happy, content girl.