Monday, May 4, 2015

Being Zen

Zen time.
Sometimes it's just where I want to be.
As my husband continues to do his outdoor projects, I either join him in the yard,
spend time zen-ing which is a favorite springtime pastime of mine.

We continue to make this our home, a place of safety and comfort, and I wonder to myself how we spent so many years of our life in the noisy cities of everyday life.  That's a place for the young and energetic,
and lately I am accepting a slower life.... 
although sometimes boring.
But there are always blogs to read, to look at far away places and to dream of what life might have been
rather than passing so much of it by.

Oh gosh... it sounds like I'm dying or something..
Just being Zen.


  1. Lots to do if you want to do it. Festivals coming up, the farmers market and all. I love the way you are making this place your own.

  2. Happy Zen-ing . . . better than the noise any day!