Monday, May 18, 2015

Looking and Feeling and Acting and Being

 Looking your age when in your sixties can be tricky, and I think we all want to look our age, but at the same time look good, and not ridiculous.  My looks have been bothering me since I aged to the ripe old decade of my sixties, and what I had been seeing in the mirror, well.... it wasn't pleasing to MY eyes, so how could I project myself to be perhaps a wee bit younger than what I was?

Wearing fun colored lipsticks and having my nails painted to match my toes and wearing fun flip flops.
Cool, contemporary scarves.
Bright clothing... although for me this does NOT mean flowers and what I consider to be old lady blouses and smocks.
Yes, like most women in their sixties I have lumps and bumps and sags and even 
WRINKLES *gasp* on my neck and face.

 Looking 60 made me FEEL 60.  
There are some ways I can't fix this, such as the way I feel physically when I rise from bed in the morning.  Having slept for 8 hours you would think that I would feel rested and ready to go for the day, but that's not the truth.  The truth is that I was feeling, many days, after being up for a few hours, that I could go back to bed and take a nap.  Not enough exercise and too many foods that are not good for me are the reason for this.
If I change my ways, eat more whole foods, move around and perhaps even exercise as I was doing just a few year s ago, I would probably once again feel as though I am still in my fifties, which was a great decade for me physically... other than those darned old hot flashes which I don't think will ever go away entirely.  
I've also been taking a few vitamins that should help.
Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and now I have added Magnesium to my daily swallowing of pills.

 Acting young.
Well, no one wants to make a fool of themself at this stage in life since some of us *cough cough* did a good enough job of that earlier in life.
Live and Learn.
we vintage aged ladies don't have to sit around and moan and groan and wait for the hammer of death to bonk us on the head... instead we can step a bit lively, laugh more, go places.... you know... smell the roses in life so to speak.
Play with other vintage ladies and have a few laughs over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.
We DON'T have to sit and do nothing.

 Other things I am now doing to assist me in looking, feeling and being in my 60's and feeling good about it are:

Get a good haircut .(I need one right now)
Manicures and pedicures. (especially in the spring and summer)
Nose hair trimming.
Facial hair and eyebrow waxing.
Teeth whitening.
Not even thinking about heels... just wear flats that feel good! Why hobble around for heaven sakes?
Throwing away my eyeshadow since it just sits in the creases anyway.
Wearing mascara every day.
Reading only positive news stories... I mean who needs the drama of stories about fires and crashes and murders?  Just don't read it since it drags down on a positive attitude and makes you frown which only causes MORE wrinkles.
No longer wearing jeans that pinch.... say YES to elastic and stretchy pants as long as the rest of your outfit is young looking.
If I do wear jeans, I wear some with a bit of flair at the bottom.  
Hats Hats Hats.
Scarves Scarves Scarves.
Great looking 'age appropriate' earrings.
Splurging on one expensive handbag.
Listening to current music and not getting lost in the 50's and 60's stuff ALL THE TIME.
Wearing bling bling necklaces, as long as my blouse or shirt is plain. *imho, mixing a lot of pattern and bling ages us*  Keep it simple stupid is my motto.
Use a good facial moisturizer... sleep with it on!
Keep the sun off your face! *see Hats Hats Hats above*
"But I don't look good in hats", you say.  HEY!  Everyone looks good in a hat if you find the right style for YOU.

Have I staved off aging completely?  Absolutely not, but a healthy, upbeat, current looking woman sure looks a lot better than someone who does not show a respect for the way they look.
When you take care of yourself there is an inner glow that shines through and although you won't look 24 again, or not even 40 again.... you will look 60 in a fabulous kind of way!
I guarantee it.

If there is something that works for you in your 60's and beyond, please share with readers.

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  1. Feeling good about yourself puts you in an attractive frame of mind. You look GREAT!