Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do NOT Eat That!

If you are eating canned soup simply because you are on a budget and live alone, making large meals a thing of the past in your home, STOP!
Do not eat that canned soup.
It's so bad for you in so many ways.
The sodium content alone is enough to give you health problems.

Have you ever considered making your own homemade chicken broth and adding fresh veggies that are actually good for you?
Well, consider it.
It's time to eat healthy!

 *our chicken broth as it simmers in the pot*

The video below explains in detail how to make your own broth.
They put an entire chicken into the pot, but we stretch our chicken much further than just broth.

Buy a whole chicken and roast it, stuff it if you wish, or not, but when you are done eating your lovely chicken be sure to save any bones and skin and use them in your homemade broth rather than the entire chicken.

Once you have the broth made you can add any of your leftover chicken and make a delicious homemade soup... or simply heat single servings of the broth if you live alone and that's all you need for a meal.

I will never eat canned soup of any kind again.

1 comment :

  1. No canned soup for this gal . . .
    I have been making homemade soups for many years . . .
    (I roast my chicken too . . .)