Monday, May 18, 2015

An Exercise Quandary

*images from Amazon*

I seem to be in a bit of a quandary over exercise equipment.

Years ago I had a recumbent exercise bike.  It was HUGE and sat in our family room since it was the only room large enough to accommodate it's size on the first floor of our home.  We sure did not want to drag the behemoth up to the second story of our home.  I used it often at first, but then... like nearly everyone else who purchases exercise equipment, the thing sat and sat.

In the past year I have gained far too much weight and it is becoming an issue for me.
Not everyone cares about carrying around extra weight, but I DO!

Today's exercise equipment can be purchased in smaller sizes, and they fold up so that they don't over power the room they are in..... 
My quandary is.... do I want an upright bike as in the top photo, or a recumbent as in the second photo?
Both are made by Exerpeutic and both are the same price, $149.00, so it's not a huge investment.

Do you have exercise equipment that sits around gathering dust, or do you have something you love and use daily?

*as always, no companies have paid me to mention their products*


  1. I have one of those huge recumbent bikes. The upright ones hurt my back. I use every time I think of it...which is rarely...

  2. Have you gone somewhere to try them and see which one is more comfortable? Have you used your trampoline much or do you feel that you need a different type of exercise? Walking has always done the most for me, but I know your feet cause you some problems. Sorry I'm no help with the bike choice.

  3. I bought this about a year ago:
    It might be more than you want to spend, but it is a recumbent bike, a regular bike, and an elliptical walker all in one. I bet they make a bike that is a combined recumbent and regular.

  4. As far as bikes go I would get a bike you can ride in outdoors. Then you have the benefit of fresh air too. I love my Towne . . . like the best bike ever . . . It has a different wheel suspension system something or another. If you go that route, plan on spending some money, they aren't cheap. Every piece of exercise equipment I have purchased was used a few times and did more sitting around than anything. Not my Towne . . . every day, morning usually I ride it!

  5. I have an exercise bike similar to the second photo ( Foldaway recumbent bike), actually this is my second one, my husband managed to break the first one I had - I have a bad back and the support is what I need. I use mine about 3x a week sometimes more - I always intend to read or listen to music but mostly I just close my eyes and pedal away - I really enjoy it.