Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not The Pansies I Had In Mind

 It's springtime green outside my window.

So, off to Lowes we went today to purchase pansies for the pots.
Only one thing wrong....
I waited a week too long for pansies and now they are gone from the garden centers,

But my husband was thrilled with these yellow and orange
dwarf marigolds.

 Once my heart is set on a particular flower, i.e: pansies, bright smiling, 
black faced pansies, and then I can't have them,
I settle for something lesser.

 Next year I will get to the garden centers a bit earlier in April so that
I don't have to settle.

Gold marigolds.
Dwarf marigolds.


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  1. From the looks of the weather forecast, we'll both have to cover our flowers tonight. It will be cold enough to freeze!