Monday, March 16, 2015

Springtime Head Lids

With the coming of the spring and summer sun and more hours spent outdoors,
for me.... it's hat season.  It's rare that you will see me without a hat.
1.  Because they keep harmful rays off my face and head.
2.  Because they keep my fine, flyaway type hair from blowing about.
3.  Because I just happen to adore hats.

So here are a few I am considering this year.

*image from solescapes*

This one looks great with not too much height, a nice brim, cute ribbon that jazzes it up, and it keeps harmful rays at bay.

*image from souls capes*
And this one, from the same website has an even wider brim.

*image from souls capes*
I'm sold on this look... they call it 'leather and lace'.

Plantation Hats may be calling my name this year also!

Prices vary greatly between companies, styles, quality, etc.

I'll be shopping around soon!

*none of the companies listed have compensated me in any way for linking to their products*



  1. I love hats too. At one time I was a manager of an independent hat store - I had a blast working there. I like that second hat - a lot. For the Summer I like the gambler style. In Winter I wear mostly fedoras and cloches.

  2. I would like a new hat this season. Needs to be something that will stay on my head because of our breezes. The thing is, hats kind of make my head sweat and I don't love wearing them. What to do, what to do...

  3. I like the first one best. Unless you will be spending a lot of time in the sun. Then go for the second one. Sounds like you need to get at least two!

  4. And you look smashing in your hats!