Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Flexi Rooms

These photos were all taken in our small office, or rather what has become my husband's small office off of our kitchen area.  The home was designed and built for this room to be a home office for bill paying, sorting the daily mail, and basically keeping life organized.  
It doesn't really serve that purpose for us.

 Since I have a small home office where I spend inordinate amounts of time each day here on the main floor of our home,  it only seemed fair that my husband should also have such a room or space on the main floor as well.
His REAL office where he does work for clients with a large desk, files, and a couple of computers to make all of the consulting magic happen on, is in the basement.  
He does however do his printing in this smaller office.

 I did my best to decorate this small office somewhat, by using curtains, an aloe plant on a plant stand in the corner next to the window, and also placed a bookcase against the wall opposite the built in desk area where I have a few of my books and some cookbooks as well.  He seems okay with these touches. ALTHOUGH, if he had things his way there would just be a desk, a chair, a computer and the printer.

 I also added to the wall, a couple of photos that I took a few years back, very neutral photos taken of lamps in the lobby of a hotel.  I was surprised when he asked me about them... actually took an interest in my photography which is a rare thing.

He had this cute little swivel iMac some years back which later became mine, and even later was shipped to Illinois so that his elderly mother could receive photos and emails from family members, but once her arthritis caught up with her and her hands simply would not allow keyboarding, she wanted to give the computer back to us, so last fall it found it's way via Federal Express back into his hands (where it began), and it now sits on the bookcase in the little office.
It's just too cute to get rid of it, and at some point he wants to try to update it's inners to bring it up to speed.

This week the office took on yet another purpose. the growing of seedlings for our garden this year.
Tomatoes an peppers I believe is what he has planted in these containers.

It's now known as 'the little office/room that could'.
It does it all and we are happy to have the space.

Do you have all designated use rooms in your home or do you find it works better to make them 'flexi rooms'?

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  1. Multi purpose rooms . . . work for me.
    Good luck on those seedlings . . . I have tried doing that a few times with not much luck . . . I take the easy road now and purchase beefing plants . . .
    Happy St. Paddy's Day . . .