Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gone Gone Gone

I have been very much absent from this blog, but it's been busy around here and many priorities in our life other than a stinkin' old blog post which is simply no longer the center of my daily activities.

My husband had been to the West Coast of our great nation in December but unfortunately on his trip home he could not make a stop in the Phoenix area in Arizona to visit family, and so it was that we made the decision to fly from Roanoke to Atlanta and catch a flight there on to Arizona during late January for a vacation with family.
 It was looking a bit stormy when we left out of Atlanta, but skies were quite clear once we reached what is known as 'The Valley Of The Sun' by those who live here and love Arizona.
We had a few days of sunshine followed by a couple of rainy days and the morning we left out of Sky Harbor Airport to return to Virginia, it was.... of all things.....foggy!
Our flight leaving was a teesny bit late, but we had a long layover when we reached Atlanta on our trip home so we actually left a few minutes early... so all was good... we arrived home in Roanoke a few minutes early.

 Our family and grandchildren have birthdays that span from January through December.... but three within our family, grandson Caden, my husband, and my birthday are all bam bam bam, one week apart each, so we had fun celebrating them while in Arizona.... it was so much fun!
That's the birthday boy on the left, along with a friend and our older grandson on the right.

 His daddy cut the ice cream cake which Caden had requested... quite yummy!

A favorite pastime of my husband while there, in between assisting son-in-law with yard projects was taking naps with the pups.  Axl and Roxy were in heaven with his company and letting them on the sofa where they were NOT supposed to be.
Grandpas can be so troublesome

 It was fun to watch as their new swimming pool was being completed AND by the end of our vacation was filled with water.
Grandpa, the grandsons, and the son in law all took a January dip to baptize the pool and make sure it worked.
They are pleased to announce that it did.

 David's daughter made us a fabulous oooey gooooey chocolate birthday cake, for David and I, and MAN OH MAN was it delicious.  I hope to get that recipe from her because I do love bundt cakes not only for their taste, but they just look so pretty when decorated.
We LOVED that she made us a cake and are so fortunate that she is so handy in the kitchen.

 As you can see, the pool was full, and since it had been properly baptized by the men in the family, there was nothing left to do but return home....

 And so we headed to Sky Harbor Airport where we found a small cafe, ordered breakfast, and off we flew back to wintertime in the mountains of Virginia.

We hope to take another vacation this year to visit our Iowa family.
I will be sharing that trip with you as well when we plan the trip.

Have a lovely February, and I WILL try to post more often.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Yay! Thanks for the update. I was wondering if you'd write about it. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. I wondered what was UP . . .
    Now I know . . .
    Looks like a fun BIRTHDAY trip!
    Happy belated