Sunday, January 4, 2015

Life Is Always Random At Our House

 With my husband being away for three weeks of December, we didn't take any Holiday photos to speak of, so instead I'll show you a few random shots taken since he returned home on the 28th.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, Izzy dug up a mole in the cedar area of our property and then called Rowdy to complete the dirty work of boxing it to death.

They had muddy paws from the event and a warm bucket of water was necessary for dipping their feet into before they could come back inside.

Rowdy was not happy about the idea of the bucket but finally succumbed.
 And if there are any mole loving fanatics out there who object to our dogs killing one of the nasty, ugly, lawn destroying creatures..... 
Well, I have nothing to say to you, unless of course you would care to come fix our lawn?

 Three weeks in a California City was more than this country man's throat could take, and if he should return there he will be packing this face mask.
The air was not bad every day, but a few days it created a scratchy throat and eyes.

(true reason for this mask is that he was tearing out our basement stairway carpeting)

 And these are the results.
The carpet installers did a wonderful job, and I mean...
who the heck puts shag carpet on steps, only to harbor every piece of dirt unreachable to the sucking power of a vacuum cleaner?
This is much better and we are happy with it.

 New Year's Day crock pot meal at our house.
Every family has their traditions and this is ours which we enjoyed.

 And yesterday, I made a pistachio bundt cake for a party of friends.

 It was delicious!

And last but not least.... my blurry shot of the cake after being sliced into.
If you squint the blur will go away.
There was also a rum cake on hand at the party.
Maybe I ate one too many slices of it which is why my photo was blurry?
*cough cough*


  1. I'd like to take the carpet off our steps entirely. Those sweet pups were just doing their duty!

  2. Happy Days . . .(New Year) . . . to ave hubby home. I bet the dogs are "over the moon" with his return!
    Want me to send my Mole Protection guy your way . . . It does the trick . . . (Might be someone in your area that he knows about.)
    New Years dinner looks scrumptious as does the bunny cake . . .(I will have a piece of the Rum Cake too, "cough, cough!")

  3. So many errors and I was not able to renter to correct. HAVE was gave , I took the g out and you have AVE.
    Bundt instead of bunny!