Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Pushy Little Tree

 Virginia offered up a couple of sunshine days for us this week, and on those days I take the pups for a walk down the road.
It's a pretty walk that goes right past a couple of mountain views along the way and golfers enjoying themselves on the golf course we pass by.
Anyway... enough of the fluff talk. 
We don't have a real Christmas tree, or perhaps I should say we DIDN'T have a real Christmas tree up until the walk.

You see..... on that day, this crazy little Charlie Brown 'wanne be' Christmas tree followed me home.
It tugged at the heel of my boot and after trying unsuccessfully to shake free of it, it grabbed onto the hem of my coat!
How pathetic and also aggressive it was, so what choice did I have but to let it tag along home with the pups and I as we completed our walk.

 He.. yes, I said HE, noticed a stray ornament lying on a table top and told me how he had always and forever wanted to grow up to be a Christmas tree with shiny ornaments, lights and tinsel to wear as his Holiday garb and bring joy to all who saw him.

I didn't have any tinsel, only the ornament to offer him, and the little fella smiled at my generosity when I hung it from his branches.

 I told him he was rather scruffy looking and although the ornament garb truly did help his appearance, I suggested that he spend Christmas on our outdoor deck.
That way he could look out over the other pine trees and not feel so all alone.

 But he insisted that he would be no problem if I would just let him come inside and said he would not shed even one needle or make any kind of mess in the house.

 "And besides", he begged... "the nights have gotten colder and I am so scrawny that it is hard to stay warm.
Please let me stay with you indoors".

My heart began to soften and I relented and let him come inside.

 He is now co-habitating with the onions and the garlic in the kitchen,

and although it didn't sound like such a great idea in the beginning,
I must admit that the little fella has grown on me.

 We have become friends for Christmas.
But I swear... if he poops any needles on my countertops,
it's out the door for this pushy guy.

And that's the story of how a real live Christmas tree came to be living in our house this year.
Ho Ho Ho.

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  1. Fun you are . . . no wonder HE wanted to come home with you!
    Merry Christmas!