Monday, March 22, 2021

Just Another Day On Three Acres


So, we bought a tractor this year.  Not the huge $40,000 kind of tractor, and yet quite a bit larger than our lawn tractor.

We finally had to face up to the fact that we are now older, let's just say around the 70's when it comes to birthdays, and our muscles simply won't cooperate when it comes to arm strength as it has in the past.  The small lawnmower sized tractor works well for small jobs, but if you want to move a large boulder, or a tree stump, it just doesn't cut it.  

We have a snow blower for the lawn tractor and that's great for the upper driveway which is flat, but our back driveway .... it just wouldn't make it up the hill when there was snow coverage, even with weights and chains.  So it was time to break out into something a bit larger.  Not with bells, whistles, a cab, or any other fancy stuff.  Just a Plain Jane tractor that will do the work that we need it to.

My husband is elated since he's the drive of this green machine. 

I wish him years of happiness with his new green mistress.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my Dear!

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