Monday, May 21, 2018

Accomplishments And An Ambulance Ride

 It's been a month since I posted so thought I would catch you up on Life On Sprinkle
Grandchild #1 went to Iowa state in track and placed sixth in the state in girls 100m Hurdles.
She's totally pumped for next year since she is very young to have done this well.
Only a sophomore and rapidly moving up in the track world.
We are totally proud grandparents.
Woot Woot to Madeline!

Grandchild #2 took his very first trip to Washington D.C. after raising money to be able to to.
This is a huge step for him, and Anthony really enjoyed the trip.
We are soooo proud!
Another big woot woot!
Grandchild #3 played in his very first basketball tournament and took second place.
Check out that big bling bling medal hanging around his neck!
Go Drake!
You rock and Grandpa and I are totally proud of you.
That was woot woot number three!

 We ordered a very large cedar arbor for the backyard from Wayfair, but considering we want to plant a 'full sun' vine on it, we are instead installing it in the front yard.
 The arbor comes in nicely done pre-cut pieces, and then you build the arbor yourself.

Two sides with slats for the vine to grow on, and also a top piece to the arbor.
It didn't take my husband long to lay it all out and screw the pieces all together.
 It's all sitting on the front porch waiting for the cement footers (which he dug a few days ago before the RAIN fell, and fell and fell) to dry completely. 
 We decided on wisteria as our vine for this arbor.  They are so gorgeous in the spring with great looking lavender colored hanging blossoms.
 Needless to say, the front porch is a jungle at this time.... but a lovely one I must say.

Yesterday was my very fist experience with riding in an ambulance due to not knowing what the terrific pains I was having, along with heavy nausea and vomiting.
They arrived at the house and after I had settled into the ambulance administered pain and anti-nausea meds.
Four and a half hours later we were home from the hospital.
I slept a lot in the afternoon, feeling only tired and worn out.
A CAT scan determined that this was a single kidney stone and there are no others awaiting their turn to be born into this world.
What a pain and waste of an entire day.

So, today I spent the morning lounging on the porch, and then picked lettuce as well as the last of our asparagus from the garden, some of which I delivered to the neighbors.
I'll be grabbing a few groceries this afternoon, and hopefully discovering that my iPhone still works, the one that I rinsed in the colander along with the freshly picked lettuce.... my bad.

What's new with your world?


  1. What a week! I bet that lettuce is delicious. Did you put the phone in a bag with rice?

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm glad it was only kidney stones - what a fright you must have had!!!

  3. It was frightening. I had no clue what was causing me to have such intense pain. And ambulance rides are not at all comfortable!!

  4. The lettuce is perfect! Wish we had more asparagus though. It's great when it's grilled.

  5. Happened again . . .
    I copied this Time . . .
    Maybe you blocked me????

    Well I wrote a long drawn out comment . . .
    Hit Publish . . . GONE . . .

    One more try . . . shorter . . .
    Great to see your post . . .
    WOOT WOOT for #1, 2, 3 . . .
    Each “doing their thing” happy kiddos!

    Arbor STUNNING . . . Wisteria . . . STELLAR . . .
    I look forward to the “first see!”

    Kidney Stones . . .
    Nothing compares to this “horrendous I must be dying experience!”
    I have had three, passed first two, surgery the last, over a five year span!!!
    Awful . . . I hope not ever another for you Diane . . . drink water, lots, with fresh lemon . . .
    Urologist prescription . . . plus NO Diet Coke, (which I had never had.)

    Our asparagas is just now coming on . . .
    Enjoyed our FIRST this year, yesterday . . .
    Not homegrown like yours but certainly . . . wonderful . . .
    We live in asparagus country . . .
    Out to “our road side place” this morning . . . for more . . .
    Roadside stand, scale, fresh picked each day, drop your money in the lock box . . .

    My wish . . . No more STONES . . . for you!

  6. What "grand" accomplishments for all 3 grandchildren and great to read about them! Hope you are feeling better as kidney stones are not at all a pleasant experience and resting and lounging is a very good thing! And, it will give you more time to listen to more NPR. Asparagus is great any way it's done. Lettuce and cell phones don't do well when washed together & hope yours will recover.

  7. Love the grands, admire the arbor, hate the pain! Glad you're okay.